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Song of the Month February 2015

Skarlett Riot - Rising

Dirt Box Disco - Freaks

Song of the Month - October

Chaotica's Fenix Rage Review

Song of the Month - July

Amelia Sweet - The Zombie Stare


The weekend is here and with holidays on both sides of the pond we're bringing you an extra special event with gaming, DJs, fun, frolics and a hell of a lot of profanity. 

Over the weekend we'll be hosting our regular shows as well as a special slot from the wonderful DJ Cookie and there will be gaming fun over on Twitch, where you can watch us game, debase ourselves and generally cause our own unique brand of mischief for a very worthy cause.

It's all in the name of Play Live which is raising money with gamers everywhere in aid of Saint Jude's and children with cancer. We're hoping to raise a small fortune with our SI Radio team and we'll be broadcasting it all live.

You can find out more by staying tuned and by checking out our Twitch channel over at where we'll be hosting individual streams from many a DJ who will also be broadcasting on their own personal channels.

You'll be able to see and hear myself as well as Chaotica, Anirtak, Discord, aMUSiC, as well as special apperances from Happy and more.

Keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages for info on who's on and when, and join us in making lives better for as many people as possible.

We'd like to thank everyone involved in this event and those who've been generously donating, you've already made an amazing difference, now let's keep it going all weekend on Split Infinity Radio and for more info about the event and to get involved, check out our team over at

TV and Movies




GameLoading: Rise of the Indiesis a documentary film which follows several indie game developers  through the process of creating, marketing, releasing their games and the struggles they encounter along the way.


    Youtube user GTA Wise Guy has recreated the tribute to Paul Walker that ended the Furious 7 movie. Set to Wiz Khalifa's "See You Again" the game play video features look a like characters Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. He's masterly re-created several movie scene flashbacks and closes, like the movie, with Vin and Paul driving seperate ways. Grab some tissues and click to watch:

    Do you wake up in the middle of the night dreaming of some awesome builds? Love voxel RPG games? Are pirates your “thing”? Then check out Trove, the free to play sandbox MMO from Trion Worlds! The latest release “Fish ‘N’ Ships has some fantastic new features that boasts something for everyone! Let’s take a look:

  • New playable Pirate Captain Class
  • Collectable and Customizable ships with new level 70 and 80 Mastery rewards
  • Treasure Island Biome
  • Fishing and more!

Read on for more information and to check out the Fish ‘N’ Ships trailer below!


    Dragon Age Inquisition: Dragonslayer releases this Tuesday, May 5th on PC, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox360 & Xbox One. This free expansion pits players in Thedas against the fiercest beasts, a new area called Ferelden Castle and will see characters new and old make an appearance in Thedas! Grab a beverage for Cinco De Mayo and check out the marathon Twitch stream info's in the pic!