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New this week on Indie Saturday Premiere - ViliFi

ViliFi's unique music  flows seamlessly showing such diversity with songs like "I'm Alive" that gives off a Maynard flavor vibe that I found myself instantly drawn to it. "Crazy" has such a blend of upbeat tempos and a sick guitar solo that it takes me back to a time when guitar greats like Eddie Van Halen, Yngvie Malmstein and Steve Vai ruled the music scene catapulting their bands to greatness.

"Commonize" really sums up the mainstream scene today - songs sounding the same or trying to suppress muscians into conforming to a certain sound or look instead of letting them express themselves. Don't get me wrong there's so many great mainstream bands out there but there's even more untapped talent in the Indie scene and ViliFi is definately one of those to keep an eye on.
You can catch these guys touring around Central Florida click here for their tour calendar.

As always be sure to drop by their social media pages and let them know where ya heard them. Another amazing Indie band brought to you by Split Infinity Radio!