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The Chainsmokers
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Coooooooooooookies!! Om nom nom nom nom.....
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My birthday is on:
20th of June

My first time on the siradio airwaves:
Wednesday, 1 April 2009
A little something about me:
And lo', the Goddess has ascended in amongst the mortals, showering her loyal minions with cookies and other baked goods! Now worship me!! Ahem... anyways. Yes. DJ. Awesome. Love playing music. And baking. Listen to my shows! Now! :D
When it comes to music I like:
Almost everything goes. Right now, it's mostly alternative, industrial and electronic. Just a word of caution: Request Nightwish - you will die. I have lots of horrible boyband tracks, and I'm not afraid to use them!
The games I'm into:
RPGs - whether it be MMOs or single player
I like to fill my belly with:
Lasagna and tea
I've got a cunning plan:
1. Acquire sexy accent
2. Get to the DJ position
3. Get minions
5. ????
6. Get cookies and profit
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This week I'm on...
..a break
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