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Tune in through your cell phone

Take siradio with you on the road through your cell phone wherever you go. Tuning in through your mobile device (phone or tablet) can be achieved through multiple ways. Most modern smart phones and tablets can tune in pretty much the same way as desktop browsers. Before trying any of the alternative methods below, try first clicking on the "Tune In" button at the top of the page in order to tune in using your phone's browser. After a few seconds of buffering, the stream will start, and in most cases you can put it on the background while you work on something else on your phone.


If that doesn't work you can try scanning one of the links below with a QR Code reader application, which will attempt to directly connect to our streaming server and play the stream.


http://listen.siradio.fm/listen.pls http://listen.siradio.fm/listen.pls?sid=2 http://listen.siradio.fm:8080/listen.ogg
128kbps mp3 Broadband 24kbps aac Narrowband 128kbps ogg Broadband


Alternatively you can use TuneIn, a free app that is available for all mobile devices and operating systems such as iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, Palm and Samsung Bada.


Download the TuneIn app by scanning the QR Code below, or visiting the link directly.


TuneIn ApplicationTuneIn App Download




Internet radio streaming is not very intensive on bandwidth usage, but if you tune in for prolonged times it can consume quite a big portion of the available bandwidth your data plan provides you. Your carrier might charge you with additional fees if you exceed it. If you have an unlimited data plan, or you are connected through Wi-Fi then you can safely disregard this warning and tune in freely. If, however you are on a limited data plan, here are some numbers that you should keep in mind:


Tuning in to the Boradband 128kbps streams will consume roughly 56,25 Megabytes per hour.

Tuning in to the Narrowband 24kbps stream will consume roughly 10,5 Megabytes per hour.