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Split Infinity Radio Media Kit

Groups and organizations seeking to contact Split Infinity Radio for the purposes of helping run events, advertising, interviews or other joint business ventures please contact mgmt@siradio.fm

In our media kit we’ve included the following versions and formats of our logo for you to enjoy.

· Full colored version that can stand on top of any background color (however it looks best over white or white/light-greyish backgrounds)
· Monochrome version for use over a darker background. The logo is white only but can be colorized.
· Monochrome version for use over light backgrounds. The logo here is black only but any dark-toned color can be selected.
· A .png version of the square logo without a Mobius strip in full color

· .fla (Adobe Flash CS4) which is the original file format with layers
· .ai (Adobe Illustrator) Handy to work with in a larger variety of editors
· .png (24 bit color bitmap with Alpha channel) at high resolution (3,000 pixels wide) at 300 dpi for you to scale down to suit your needs

· Xirod font used for the SIRADIO type (freely available on dafont.com)
· Maass Slicer Italic font used for the Mobius logo (The number 8 rotated 90 degrees counter-clockwise. And also available on dafont.com)

The media kit can be downloaded here.

We’re super excited that you’ve decided to put Split Infinity Radio on display and would love it if you would drop us an E-Mail to mgmt@siradio.fm once they’re up on your page so we can say thank you and have a peek at your website as well as let you know when we’ve come up with any new images or materials.

Please keep the aspect ratio of all images intact. Feel free to resize them as you need but please keep the
length and width to the same ratio. All files and images inside of the media kit are the property of Split Infinity Radio and their use is subject to the rules and restrictions set forth on this page, the rules can be modified at any time. The downloading and use of these files signifies your agreement with these terms of use.