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Radio News
Louiethon Raffle and Weekend News and Thanks!


Last weekend's LouieThon was an amazing event with Twitch gaming sessions, public debasement and of course the music which was played and attended by DJs old and new. A lot of money was raised via the official GoFundMe page. The grand total at the time of writing is $12,780 raised to pay for Lou's living and medical expenses, and is still raising money even now to help his family through such a difficult time.

During the event we held a seies of raffles and giveaways, so check after the break to see who won what. 

The raffle prizes and winners are all listed below, we'd like to thank everyone who donated either their money, their time and any prizes they gave for the raffle, they mean so much more than words could ever say.


RAFFLE #924 Steam $20 code - Ryan Campbell.
RAFFLE #1295 Goat Simulator - Klaus Kristensen
RAFFLE #314 LOL $10 gift card - Mason Johnson
RAFFLE #542 MC Chris Signed CD - Marcos Carmack
RAFFLE #89  Xbox 1 BF4 - Tyrel 
RAFFLE #627 PS4 BF4 - Marcos Carmack 
RAFFLE #888 Xbox1 UFC - Ryagas 
RAFFLE #666 PS4 UFC - Marcos Carmack
RAFFLE #1492 Payday2 Key suite - Sim Sational 
RAFFLE #91 Payday2 key suite - Tyrel 
RAFFLE #358 Payday2 Key Suite - Marcos Carmack
RAFFLE #1 Payday 2 key suite - Mongoose 
RAFFLE #50 Payday 2 Key suite -Tyrel 
RAFFLE #1035 Payday2 Key Suiite - Willem Kalverda 
RAFFLE #723 Payday2 key suite - Marcos Carmack 
RAFFLE #42 $25 LoL card - Theresa Zasada  
RAFFLE #80 SWTOR card - Tyrel
RAFFLE #1412 SWTOR card - LinaChen 
RAFFLE #234 Dragon Age Origins - Nathan Jarrad 
RAFFLE #1138 Xcom Enemy Unknown - Kavita Rawal 
RAFFLE #1337 Bioshock 2 - Klaus Kristensen 
RAFFLE #1568 Bioshock 1- Stephen Petmecky 
RAFFLE #69 Mafia 2 - Tyrel 


Also, NarcanGoat for being the Doantions MVP will also receive a special limited edition T-shirt that only those involved in the LouieThon and Louie's family will also have.


We at Split Infinity Radio would like to thank everybody who tuned in and got involved, for those who donated their time, donated money and donated gifts and raffle prizes. For those who showed their love and told the world, and of course you, reading this right now we at Split Infinity Radio say thank you from the bottom of our  hearts.

You have all helped to make the weekend a huge success for everybody and have truly done something amazing for our DJ, friend and SI Radio family member Louie Louie who sadly lost his battle to cancer on Monday.


So, to DJ's old and new, King, aMUSiC, Spellfire, Anirtak, Pathogen, Happy (and family) Red Jeans, Discord, Aasma, Jules, Shadowsfyre, Cyclometh, Lord Nikon, Creepiz, Pyroclasam, Fumiko, Pixyl, KaChunk (and Kayleigh), Impius, Krystl and Vis Viva (and family) we say a huge thank you for 48 hours of fun and awesomeness. 

We say thank you again to everyone who donated their time, money, raffle prizes and love.


And most of all, thank you to Chaotica, who made this happen, who pulled out all the stops, organised the whole show and made the LouieThon a wonderful extravagana and made every single one of us proud to be there and a part of her huge and devoted efforts which we all know have made us and would make Louie incredibly proud.

Last, but by no means least the last thank you goes out to the man himself. Lou "DJ Louie Louie" Beaver, with the privilege of your friendship, influence and inspiration our lives are all much richer.

Thank you for being Louie Louie.