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“Dear Santa, can I be naughty with just a dash of nice?” ~ Cookie




While pretty much everyone by now has probably heard Ed Sheeran's massive hit "Shape of You", This collaberation is definately worth checking out.

The combined effort's of the duo, with Aussies' Alison Wonderland's vocals and the combined future bass and trap styled back tracks combine for an impressive cover.

You can catch this track and others like it from 10pm EST/3am UK Wednesday With DJ Taerix, or if you cant wait you can listen below! 

You can check out more from Alison Wonderland at https://soundcloud.com/alisonwonderland

And more from Naderi at https://soundcloud.com/itsnaderi


Microsoft have announced their intention to go toe to toe with the big boys and release a rival to Google's ChromeBook and Apple's range of MacBooks by releasing their very first traditional style laptop complete with new operating system.

The machine will be the Surface Laptop, and the new OS will be Windows 10 S. And as it was announced today in New York, we have the all important details for you right now.


A few minutes ago, on an iPad close, close to hand I found something I've been craving for a couple of years. Something that to me, has been sinful in its non-existence. But tody I found it, it made me happy, and I'm taking a few minutes just to tell you that Star Wars finally has a match three game. It's not a dodgy knock off, it's called Star Wars Puzzle Droids, and it's a fully fledged official game from Disney, and you can play it right now. For free. 


It's pretty much the same as other match three games, this time seeing BB8 on a journey through key Star Wars moments, matching coloured circuit boards in order to regain his lost memories.


So, if you have a tablet of any kind, be that iOS, Android, or Amazon, check it out in your app store. But don't blame me if you end up with piles from playing it too much on the toilet....



Playstation 4 owning Marvel fans may well be overjoyed to know that popular action/MMO/RPG Marvel Heroes Omega has gone into closed beta, which will be running from now until May 15th, with details still to be announced for an Xbox One beta.


The game is due to come out in spring of this year, and contains 38 launch characters, and Gazillion Games have also announced that whether or not you buy a founder's pack, which is your way in to that closed beta that you'll have access to the Daredevil character when the game launches.


Also, PS+ members will get perks including a “Man Without Fear” costume for Daredevil, and there will be an early access program for those who have been in the closed beta or bough ingame currency.


Marvel Heroes Omega has been around for a while on PC, available through Steam. And will be coming to both Xbox One and PS4 this spring.


You can find out more about the game, founder's packs and more over at https://marvelheroes.com


And of course, by checking out the launch trailer at the top of this article.