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2nd Annual Split Infinity Radio Secret Santa Gift Exchange

2nd Annual Split Infinity Radio Secret Santa Gift Exchange

“Dear Santa, can I be naughty with just a dash of nice?” ~ Cookie

2nd Annual Split Infinity Radio Secret Santa Gift Exchange


It’s that time of the year again when things get a whole lot merrier – decorating the cubicles with mistletoe, planning the office Christmas party, and exchanging some gifts with people you may or may not even like. It is one of my favorite traditions because at its core, you get to spread some cheer and surprise to someone you don’t usually have on your Christmas list. Plus there is an element of surprise when you get your present and finally figure out who your Secret Santa is.


If you are interested in joining this year’s SI Secret Santa, please shoot a message over to secretsanta@siradio.fm and include the following information;

-SI Handle

-Delivery Address you feel comfortable sharing with your Secret Santa

-And please indicate if you are able/willing to ship internationally or not.

-(Optional) include some information about yourself to help your Santa narrow in on a gift.


All people willing to participate must have their names submitted by November 22nd. On the 23rd you will receive an email about who you are getting a gift for.  Please have all packages in the mail no later than December 1st (internationally) and December 15th (domestic). If you have any questions please send a message to secretsanta@siradio.fm, or talk to Doragon and Linachen in the Discord Channel.


*Participants are responsible for cost of gift and shipping. Split Infinity Radio will not reimburse/pay for these costs. 

**Participation is strictly voluntary. Split Infinity Radio ownership/management will not be resposible for resolving any disputes. Split Infinity Radio will not be liable for any damage occurred during shipping, not will it be liable for any legal action resulting from disputes that may arise between participants. Split Infinity Radio also reserves the right to cancel any involvement with this activity.


Let the season of gift giving begin, and remember to have fun!