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Star Wars Puzzle Droids Out Now!

A few minutes ago, on an iPad close, close to hand I found something I've been craving for a couple of years. Something that to me, has been sinful in its non-existence. But tody I found it, it made me happy, and I'm taking a few minutes just to tell you that Star Wars finally has a match three game. It's not a dodgy knock off, it's called Star Wars Puzzle Droids, and it's a fully fledged official game from Disney, and you can play it right now. For free. 


It's pretty much the same as other match three games, this time seeing BB8 on a journey through key Star Wars moments, matching coloured circuit boards in order to regain his lost memories.


So, if you have a tablet of any kind, be that iOS, Android, or Amazon, check it out in your app store. But don't blame me if you end up with piles from playing it too much on the toilet....