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Radio News

As of Sunday July 8 2018 Split Infinity Radio officially moved all chat communications to Discord. The IRC server has been officially decommissioned and is no longer able to be connected to. The chat page has been updated to reflect this and contains a link to the Discord server. If you have difficulties on connecting please feel free to reach out to numbers1thru9@siradio.fm for assistance. You can also click the following link to get to the server: https://discord.gg/y3QMm2k


We all know the age-old problem of gaming online, and something coming up mid-game where you yearn for a pause button. Well, it’s finally happened. A way of pausing online games has been invented by a group of concerned parents, led by a Dr. David May-Dupp in England.


Dr May-Dupp’s new software, which will be downloadable via Xbox One’s Insider Program from tomorrow was developed after his wife, Verity showed concern after their son’s repeated instances of not taking the bins out, and finding bottles of urine hidden underneath his bed.


He said in an interview to British gaming blog “Flaming Pants Gaming” that his son had taken to playing long games of Call of Duty and World of Warcraft online, and had noticed he was taking far fewer bathroom breaks than necessary, and was also becoming annoyed at the fact that he was always having to take the bins out because of “his son and that bloody game”.

And that this inspired him to build software, currently known as “Pausearoo” that can be incorporated into most online games on the Xbox One platform, and is now in beta testing for World Of Warcraft.

So, now it seems that gamers no longer have to pee in bottles, or worry about their parents demands to empty the bin, as Pausearoo will allow you to pause a game online, mid-raid, or mid deathmatch without any adverse affect on your gaming. 


Fan have been clamoring for Madhouse’s Overlord season 2 ever since the first season ended three years ago. As of January 9th, they are getting their wish.

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Radio News

Update! - 1st Inaugural Split Infinity Radio Secret Santa Gift Exchange

TV and Movies


It's not even time for the new Star Wars movie, it's not even time for Christmas, but it's time to share with you the new trailer for next year's big  movie of the book, Ready Player One. It comes out on March 30th, and anybody with an ounce of nerd in them will be crying out to see it. So here you go. Enjoy, and never say I don't bring you nice things.